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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  June 18, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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"finding dory" is in thrateders right now. while the forgetful fish has lots of energy, experts say the blue tang wouldn't really make a great pet for this reason because snatching them out of ocean to toss them into an aquarium could have a
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researchers say they hope instead of kids getting a blue tang as a pet, parents spark a conversation about conservation efforts. and maybe go visit an aquarium. coming up next, alex has anothe
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>> now do you keep bears away? by scaring them? >> go away bears! >> do you growl or just say "go away?" conservation officers along with the president and first lady teaching kids how to scare off bears. the president used yosemite national park as a backdrop to tout his conservation legacy and called for more action on preventing climate change. i do not want to have to scare off a bear to save my life. >> i ran into one at old rag hiking. >> did you? >> yeah, last year. >> how'd that go? >> i saw a sign that said "hey, there a
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area." and i look up from the sign and there's a bear. >> a little black pear? >> tfs a -- it was a -- a little black bear? >> it was a good sized bear. i was reading what to do. look large and make noise and slowly back away. >> did you panic? it worked? >> i'm still here, right! >> a good day for a hike tomorrow. beautiful out in the mountains. plenty of sunshine. low humidity. it'll be warm. also if you're hitting the golf course tomorrow, it looks great as well. it'll be better in the morning. hope you have your tee time early. >> sounds good. don't go to bed ye
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>> now, abc-7 "saturday news extra" on your side. >> thank you for joining us for "saturday news extra" i'm kimberly suiters. metro's safetrack surge 2 is underway. no rail service on the orange, blue and silver lines between eastern market and the minnesota avenue and benning road stations as well a
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arlington cemetery two stations are also closed. richard reeve is covering metro tonight more on the impact to thousands of riders. >> reporter: call is the surge mantra. >> think we'll have delays and people will have to get off earlier. >> reporter: at the minnesota avenue station, shuttle buses, not trains, are rolling points west to the eastern market station. >> this is where uber comes in handy. uber and anything else. >> reporter: the second surge means no trains between eastern market and the minnesota avenue and benning road stations, orange, blue and silver lines will be affected. the stadium armory and potomac avenue stations will be closed for 16 days. >> basically, i asked them, you know, i can get into the city? they said, no, you have to take a shuttle to eastern market. >> reporter: virginia will also be affected. no blue line or bus service from rosslynn to arlington national cemetery. for many, this is just a dry run for a monday morning commute.
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endless people right here, right there, right there, way up on the buses. >> reporter: deanna pittman is working the early shift on monday in a downtown d.c. hotel. >> i think it's going to be really hectic for the buses and everything because you have people that have evening shifts, so there's going to be a lot of traffic. >> reporter: metro is warning the shut kolls only accommodate three out of every 10 metro riders. georgia gray says it's her best option. >> even though i will have to catch three buses to get to wo work -- but if i catch the train that'll be better. >> reporter: riders think all of that work and inconvenience will pay off. >> um, and i know there's a lot of work that needs to be done, and unfortunately it displaces all of these people. >> reporter: and you'll see a lot more of this come monday morning. metro employees acting as guides helping riders to navigate the system. a lot of commuters saying they're going to be heading out early. one to two hours early on monday morning. in southeast washington, richard reeve for abc-7 news. a 15-ye
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man behind a brutal attack caught on video. we should warn you that this video is difficult to watch. prosecutors say it is a miracle the victim survived. maryland bureau chief brad bell spoke to that man about the attack that changed his life and whether he thinks justice was served. >> reporter: the video shows an unleashed rage, out-of-control brutality. it's difficult to watch. every bone in the victim's face is broken. his eyes nearly knocked out. somehow, he survived but it takes months in recover and mauricio velazquez says he'll never be the same. >> i can't even work or do things normally. >> that attack in front of a new carrollton 7-eleven happened january 2014. today, finally, velazquez sees his attacker, 21-year-old kaylen miller, sentenced to 15 years in prison. velazquez says it helps, a little. >> there's nothing i can change. >> as
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camera, the ident begins as -- the incident begins as velazquez and his friend, jaime guzman pulls up. a friend says something. guzman taps the man's pocket. he claims he means no harm. >> i turned my back. i started walking toward the 7-eleven. >> reporter: guzman breaks free. the attack on velazquez is unrelenting. he's knocked out but miller keeps on pounding again and again. it's what happens next which prompts the judge in the case to give miller an unusually harsh sentence. miller runs back into frame. we'll freeze the video before he stomps velazquez in the face six times. the victim's wife happy milr is on his way to prison. >> i think he was a coward. what he did was cowardly. >> reporter: broad bell -- brad bell, abc-7 news. d.c. mayor has now fulfilled one of her campaign promises. the largest reorganization of the city's homeless programs in decades is now law. d.c. bureau chief sam
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explains what happened next. >> reporter: with homeless advocates and government officials in the room, the may mayor signed the law to close d.c. general homeless shelter after building new, smaller neighborhood shelters across the city. >> in partnership with the council, we have a plan we c live with. >> reporter: after a series of public hearings and reactions, the council changed a number of the mayor's planned sites in the city's eight wards in ward three the shelter will now be next to the second district police headquarters in five, it moves from a warehouse district which residents [ indiscernible ] to a former police station in ward six, it moves from southwest to northwest and in two cases, the city will have to buy land from private owners for shelters. will d.c. general still close on time? >> no, it won't. and so what we know is that we will -- we're working very diligently and as fast as possible . >> reporter: the slogan is to make homelessness rare, brief and nonrecurring. those present admited this will
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homeless problem. >> we need to also turn and focus on developing more affordable housing. >> reporter: but bowser left her close d.c. -- closed d.c. ceremony to the chairs of advocates that worn ynmby buttons. in her original plan, the mayor said d.c. general would close by 2018. with the council changes, the date is not now october 2018 but january of 2020. reporting from southeast washington, i'm sam ford for abc-7 news. coming up next on "saturday news extra" a new solution for people struggling with weight loss. the new device approved by the f.d.a. this week and why everyone is not necessarily on board with it. plus, it's an historic hire for the washington redskins. we'll introduce to you their next top doc and explain
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it's a perfect father's day to head out to the pool tomorrow but what about the next chance for storms? i'll have that with your
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per person. a whole other world awaits. a 7 on your side health mataries lert right now. people who strug -- health matters alert right now. people who struggle with obesity have a new weight loss option. the f.d.a. approved the aspiri aspiring -- aspire assist. it's a manual pump that drains food directly
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through a small incision in the abdomen and connects to a valve outside the stomach. after meals, the patient could open the valve and drain the stomach contents into the toilet. critics call it assisted bulim bulimia. officials say it's only approved for truly obese patients 22 years and older who haven't had success with nonsurgical weight loss therapy. officials say caffeine works as a stimulant helping you push harder while exercising. coffee could release feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine. if you work out at night, having coffee could make things complicated because caffeine could stay in your system for 4-6 hours after you drink it. redskins hired robin we have the as the new director of sports medicine. she's believed to be the only female head physician for an nfl
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here is more on the historic hire. >> i'm looking forward to being back in the nfl again and really bringing a championship hopefully back to this city. >> reporter: the redskins made history today introducing dr. robin west as the team's top doctor. for a female, this is an nfl first. >> i'm the first head team physician in the nfl. >> reporter: dr. west doesn't see her self-as a pioneer. >> i never really hold the female card -- herself as a pioneer. >> i never really hold the female card out. my mom raised me as a single mother. she did whatever she could and she taught me i can do whatever i wanted to. >> reporter: she's the first female top doctor in the major leagues. she previously worked on the pittsburgh steelers medical team. >> i was in 3 super bowls. we won two. so i think we've gone to that highest level. i know what it's like. i know the energy, excitement and nervousness, right? >> reporter: today,
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started her new gig. following this historic hire. >> i've got two daughters. i think it's a nice way for them to look up and know they can do anything they put their mind to. >> that was aaron hawksworth reporting. 8 is looking so good if you want to spend father's day outside but alex is back with just how long this warm streak will last. that's next on abc-7
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exciting news from the national zoo. we were waiting in suspense after zoo workers posted a positive pregnancy test on social media it turns out one of the too's six orangutans is expecting. the zoo made this announcement this week. they did a live sonogram showing us the baby who is due in september. this'll be the first baby orangutan born at the national zoo in 25 years. so exciting! we always grew up saying orangutan. but it's not spelled that way. you have to say or-rang-a-tan! >> hopefully i'm correct tomorrow as far as the weather is concerned. >> i hope so, too. >> we're expecting temperatures to get back up into the upper 80's. could approach the 93 mark. dew-points, it gives you an idea of how much moisture is in the air. those should stay low, back in the 50's. relatively comfortable levels of humidity. temperatures that the hour in the 70's and 60's. 61
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63 degrees in culpepper. 70 degrees in the nation's capital. dew-points in the 50's. i think as we get more daytimehead heating, the dew-points -- daytime heating, the dew-points will go into the 50's. it'll be comfortable throughout the day tomorrow. overnight lows tonight, we fall back into the upper 50's in the suburbs. a little bit closer into d.c. metro area, 63 downtown. so that'll be where the mildest spots will be. 59, though, alexandria and in western fairfax county. heading for the golf fore-cast tomorrow -- yes, we're lame. it's all right. 66 tomorrow morning. get out there early. highs back in the upper 80's by tomorrow afternoon. we'll need the hat and sunglasses. definitely suntan lotion as well. mountain forecast, good day for a hike out there if you're heading to the blue ridge or locally across the region. should see temperatures in the 60's.
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outlying there by the higher elevations, only in the mid-80's for the afternoon. again, low humidities. so should be a great day to get out for a hike. our futurecast shows high pressure dominating the region tomorrow. plenty of sunshine across the area. it'll be hot, though, of course. we're watching the next frontal boundary. that'll slide closer to the region by monday. the vast majority of the precipitation though will wait and hold off until monday night and tuesday morning. i think we could have a possible potential for some storms by tuesday afternoon as well. best chance for that, though, will be mainly south of d.c. here is the next seven days. summer solstice is on monday. 91 degrees. new 90 on tuesday with that cold frontal boundary. as that slides through, back in the mid-80's under partly cloudy skies. thursday and friday watching the next disturbance. that'll get in here giving us the chance for a few showers and storms. 40% chance on thursday. 30% chance on friday with highs back in the lower 80's. >> all right we couldn't ask for
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i want to let you know, i checked, we could still saying o-rang-a-tang. famous pitcher heads tie d.c. school. how he's getting kids wild about
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students at a northwest elementary school welcomed a very special guest to their library. in "spotlight in education" kellye lynn explains why a
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his appreciation for reading. >> what's your favorite player on the team? >> um. >> reporter: students at hearst elementary had plenty of questions for the star athlete, not just about baseball but books. >> i do feel like a difference in performance as well just by reading a book instead of watching tv. >> reporter: nationals pitcher steven straussburg came to the public school in northwest to kick off the d.c. public library summer reading program. >> we want every single child and adult in the district committing to reading at least eight hours over the summer. >> reporter: and students who reach that summer reading goal win two tickets to a washington nationals game. >> it's really not asking for much, you know, especially if you, you know, take a half hour to an hour every other day or every day to read a book. you'd be surprised how many books you actually get into and get through over the course of the summer. >> i'm reading harry pot we're my mom and i'm rea
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windsnap. >> how important is reading to you? >> i would say like a 9 on a scale of 1-10. >> reporter: a passion that allowed barry to read a book with strasburg. >> what was it like being able to sit with a super star and read books with him? >> amazing. it's a highlight in my life. >> reporter: not a bad way to end the school year and mark the start of the summer reading program in northwest, kellye lynn, abc-7 news. >> very cool! all right, coming up next, alex has a final look at th
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